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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Moments of stress and anxiety is something that we all experience. Mental and emotional challenges brought to us by problems at work, financial woes, relationship issues, or grief over the loss of a loved one can be daunting. While some can bounce back from these challenges, some need support in doing so. Friends and family members we trust can often help us sail through, however, sometimes these challenges can be overwhelming enough to weigh us down, and that’s when we probably can feel better if we connect with a mental health professional.

We can seek therapy when our emotions, thoughts and feelings start affecting our productivity and our overall health. It may enable us to cope with everyday stressors and handle challenges effectively. So yes, therapy is for anyone who is experiencing stress or anxiety, transitions in life, intense emotions or someone who wishes to improve their life.

Within the realms of therapy, you will find a non-judgmental, unbiased and safe space for exploring your inner feelings and emotions and ways to connect with your deep-rooted self.

You may consider therapy if you are experiencing any of the following signs –

1. You are facing difficulties to regulate your emotions

2. You feel you haven’t been performing effectively at work or school/college

3. You have disrupted sleep or appetite

4. You are unable to hold on to or maintain relationships

5. You’ve experienced abuse/trauma

6. You no longer enjoy activities you typically did in the past

7. You are grieving over the loss of someone, a relationship or something

8. You feel that your physical health has taken a toll

9. You wish to improve your present self

10. You are into some kind of addiction – substance, digital, sexual etc.

At whatever junction in life you are, and whatever you are facing at this moment, if your heart is calling out for help, then don’t hesitate – look for that helping hand, there are plenty around:)

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